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Posted by Nick Schiltz on March 10

DrBurnieDrLesGrace Technologies is "Collaborating to Predict Machine Failure" with Iowa State University's Center for Industrial Research and Service. In a recent publication for ISU's CIRAS News, the magazine gave a behind-the-scenes look at the Grace-Iowa State relationship and our various projects in the works.

Our joint venture with ISU's CIRAS team has produced internship programs at Grace with their brilliant engineering students while their research team have helped us push the boundaries of our vibration sensing technology, particularly for that of our Vibration & Temperature Nodes (G-FM-VBT1 and G-FM-VBT2).

"Grace has been collaborating with Dr. Chao Hu at ISU for the past two years on a number of research projects," said Dr. Andy Zimmerman, CTO of Grace Technologies. "All of which revolve around the use of Grace's vibration sensing technology to detect, classify, and predict degradation in rotating equipment like pumps, motors, and compressors." In early 2021, this collaboration has led to two major milestones:
  1. Dr. Hu, Dr. Venkat Nemani, and Dr. Andy Zimmerman have just finished a journal paper in which they describe the encouraging results of their efforts to develop a physics-based, deep-learning approach that can accurately predict the remaining useful life of bearings in industrial environments. This manuscript is currently in the peer review process, and we'll share more about the paper's findings when it is published later this year.
  2. Dr. Zimmerman has also just been awarded a Phase I STTR grant from the National Science Foundation to fund research and development efforts targeted at deploying ISU's predictive algorithms inside Grace's vibration monitoring suite. This grant will accelerate the speed with which ISU's academic research can find a commercial home inside the GraceSense Predictive Maintenance System product line, and will allow our customers to begin to take advantage of the immense value that can come from being able to schedule critical bearing maintenance before unexpected failures occur.
In the CIRAS News publication, CIRAS project manager, Carey Novak, had this to say about working with Grace: "This is what every university wants. When they talk about university innovation and an idea getting commercialized, this is the kind of team you want. You want a company working closely with the faculty while you’re supporting grad students and others. It’s a multifaceted system."

Both parties are thrilled to be working together towards the common goal of working with students on the cutting edge to develop innovative technology for machine failure prediction. "As a whole, this collaboration with ISU has allowed Grace access to world-class R&D talent and facilities right here in Iowa," said Dr. Zimmerman. "We're excited about where this research is headed in 2021 and beyond!"

Click here to view the complete publication in the CIRAS News Winter 2021 Edition


In other news, Dr. Zimmerman was recently a guest on the Empowering Pumps & Equipment podcast. He discusses the importance of predictive maintenance and the Industrial Internet of Things. Get to know what Dr. Zimmerman does on a daily basis and how his background landed him in the IIoT space at Grace Technologies (interview starts at 25:10). Check it out below!

About Empowering Industry Podcast: Empowering Pumps & Equipment is the information and connection hub for pump and related equipment industries and has been for the past 9 years. Their mission is to connect, inform and educate, and we are launching a weekly podcast to compliment their existing digital and print platforms.


2021 IEEE Tradeshow Social Media Post

We are LIVE at IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop this week. Stop by and say hello to the Grace team and if you are already registered, click here to swing by our virtual booth and chat with a Grace representative today!

The ESW is sponsored by the IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Committee (ESafC). The scope of the ESafC is treatment for all matters within the scope of the IAS in which the emphasis or dominant factor specifically relates to occupational hazards of electrical energy. Topics include, but are not limited to: hazard phenomena, inherently safer design, work practices, hazard mitigation and electrical safety management.

Stay SAFE and have a have a GREAT week!

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