GracePort® Panel Interface Connectors are convenient access ports that allow you to safely bridge the risky gap between you and your PLC.


GracePESDs® are Permanent Electrical Safety Devices that include Voltage Indicators, Voltage Portals, and combination units.


GraceSense™ IIoT smart devices make up our Predictive Maintenance System; a suite of continuous asset health monitoring technology.



Success Stories

Our products have been deployed onto many electrical safety and predictive maintenance applications. Here are just a few examples detailing their success in the field.

GraceSense: Stamping Plant

Learn how one of the world's largest automobile manufacturers avoided losing $0.5M in unplanned downtime by installing the GraceSense Predictive Maintenance System in their Automotive Stamping Plant.

GraceSense: Preventing Breaker Failures

The combined effect of unplanned downtime as a result of a single breaker failure could be in the tune of millions of dollars in some highly critical industry verticals. Find out how the Hot Spot Monitor has proven to prevent this from happening by preventing breaker failures with actionable data.

PESD: Steel Manufacturing Plant

A steel producer in Mississippi found that installing GracePESDs® eliminated the potential for user error when deenergizing a detachable crane magnet that had caused two incidents in the past; one resulting in lost time injury.

PESD: Wastewater Utility

Mounting a Voltage Test Station (VTS) at this wastewater treatment plant reduced a 45-minute, 2-man Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) task down to a 5-minute, 1-man LOTO task. More importantly, when using a VTS the risk of energy exposure was mitigated.

PESD: Window Treatment Plant

With 1.25 million square feet of ground to cover and countless motors and equipment requiring LOTO, this facility found that by adding PESDs, they had gone from spending 200-300 hours down to 50-100 hours per year with the Safe-Test Point solution.

Grace News

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Benefits Beyond Compliance

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GraceSense™ Predictive Maintenance System

Learn about all the IIoT solutions included in our Predictive Maintenance System package in this video highlighting the benefits and field-proven technology.
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GraceSense™ Hot Spot Monitor Introduction

The Hot Spot Monitor’s technology and predictive maintenance capabilities are highlighted in this video detailing the advantages of continuous temperature monitoring.
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GracePESDs® - Benefits Beyond Compliance

Adhering to the minimum compliance with electrical safety standards set forth by NFPA 70E is an absolute necessity for preventing accidents and saving lives.

However, the leading factor in hazardous and fatal energy accidents is human error. Learn how to curb that statistic when you go beyond compliance with our Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESDs).


GracePESDs® Flex-Mount Voltage Indicator

Our trusted voltage indication is now available in more places. Install the Flex-Mount voltage indicator on any M20 or ¾” knockout where voltage is present. Learn the advantages of flexible mounting in this video.