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meet the grace technologies team

Phil Allen, Chief Executive Officer

Phil Allen

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Drew Allen, VP Strategic Development and CEO, Percev LLC.

Drew Allen

Vice President, Strategic Development

Bryan Van Itallie, Chief Operating Officer

bryan van Itallie

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Andy Zimmerman, Chief Technology Officer

andy zimmerman

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Dan Hebeisen, Sales Manager

dan hebeisen

Sales Manager

Nikki VenHorst, Business Development and Marketing Manager

nikki venhorst

Business Development & Marketing Manager

Bhanu Srilla, Technical Marketing Director

Bhanu srilla

Technical Marketing Director

Hana Strickler, Controller

Hana Strickler


Claire Coughlin, People, Production and Culture Manager

claire coughlin

Production, People and Culture Manager

Don Sparks, Regional Sales Manager

Don Sparks

Regional Sales Manager (East/South)

Tamra Palmiere, Regional Sales Manager

Tamra palmiere

Regional Sales Engineer (West)

Hector Lopez. LATAM Sales Engineer

hector lopez

LATAM Sales Engineer

Chris Schneck, EMEA Business Development Coordinator

chris schneck

European, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Business Development Coordinator

Bryce Brewer, IIoT Application Engineer

bryce brewer

IIoT Application Engineer

Edna Houseman, Customer Service

edna houseman

Customer Service Specialist

Angie Balk_2

angie balk

Customer Service Specialist

Shannon Evans, Channel Marketing Coordinator
Nick Schiltz, Content Marketing Specialist
Brook Breitsprecher, Graphic Designer
Kona, Vice Pooch of Barketing

Shannon Evans

Channel Marketing Coordinator

Nick schiltz

Content Marketing Specialist

brook breitsprecher

Graphic Designer

Kona Allen

Vice Pooch (VP) of Barketing