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Safe-Test Point™

A Safe-Test Point can be mounted on the side of an enclosure, door, or flange and provides four test point jacks to allow measurement of AC/DC voltages either phase to phase or phase to ground. By inserting insulated meter probes with .080” tips into any two test point jacks, you can take a voltage reading with your properly rated test equipment.

Installation of a Safe-Test Points allows qualified personnel to perform absence of voltage tests from outside an electrical cabinet. By following proper safety procedures, the risks of an arc flash or shock hazard are significantly reduced.


Voltage Test Station

The Voltage Test Station (VTS) combines our Safe-Test Point with a voltage indicator conveniently placed within a protective housing. The VTS test point jacks allow measurement of AC/DC voltages either phase to phase or phase to ground.

The R-3W Series voltage indicators with either flashing or non-flashing LEDs visually represent the presence of voltage. Following facility safety procedures, insert the insulated meter probes with .080” tips into any two test point jacks to take a voltage reading with properly rated test equipment.


Voltage Indicator PESDs

Voltage Indicator PESDs are self-powered, UL listed, and permanently installed devices that visually represent the presence of voltage with flashing or non-flashing, redundant LED lights. Typically hardwired to the load side of an electrical feeder or a disconnect switch, voltage indicators illuminate whenever hazardous voltage is present in any individual phase.

Voltage indicators greatly assist task qualified personnel with enhanced productivity and reduced risk while performing mechanical LOTO tasks by verifying energy presence.


Medium Voltage Indicator PESD

The Medium Voltage Indicator (R-1V) mounts to a medium voltage bus and alerts personnel to voltage presence with flashing LEDs. This PESD is designed to provide sufficient illumination to be easily seen through a regular or IR viewing window mounted on a medium voltage starter, transformer, switchgear, or other power distribution equipment.

The R-1V is built for long life and reliability with solid-state LEDs and is coated with flame-rated material. The Medium Voltage Indicator also uses capacitively-coupled resistivity to provide high surge immunity.


Voltage Portal PESDs

Voltage Portal PESDs allows task qualified maintenance workers to safely and productively perform voltage verification from outside a grounded electrical enclosure. A voltage portal is typically connected to the load side of the electrical disconnect by a qualified electrician.

Installed on the door or flange of an electrical cabinet using a 1/2” or 30mm standard punch hole with site-specific procedure labels, workers can perform a voltage test using an adequately rated CAT III/CAT IV Non-Contact Voltage detector (NCVD) Pen during mechanical Lockout/Tagout. 


Combination Unit PESDs

Combination Units take our voltage indicator and portal PESDs and couple them together with our custom labels or housings. With our voltage indicator and portal connected to the same source, a task qualified worker can visually verify the voltage presence in addition to a measured test using a Non-Contact Voltage Detector (NCVD) Pen. Combination Unit PESDs are available to order with customizable procedure labels and NCVD pens.


PESD Accessories

Door mount kits are available for the R-3W Voltage Indicator to provide addition cable lengths. Each are sold separately and include 3’, 4’, & 6’ cables.

A conduit vertical mount accessory is available for the R-3W. The flexible mounting provided by the vertical conduit allows for it to be installed and seen properly on equipment. The R-3W Voltage Indicator is sold separately.

Labels such as the R-3W Voltage Indicator optional accessory can be sold separately. Label options add a warning label around indicators describing the danger of present energy.

For a complete list of PESD Accessories, click below to learn more.


About GracePESDs®

Grace's Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESDs) work to confront common Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedural and implementation issues, such as user error. When properly incorporated into a facility's LOTO procedure, PESDs inherently reduce risk by providing a safer and more productive method of verifying energy isolation.

These redundant LED voltage indicators, high-impedance protected portals, and combination units are hardwired to voltage sources enabling personnel to validate electrical energy presence or absence without ever coming into contact with hazardous energy. The addition of PESDs to your facility's maintenance program will take you beyond the minimum compliance with NFPA 70E & OSHA energy isolation principles.