presence of voltage and absence of voltage indicators

GracePESDs® are Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESD) that are permanently mounted, self-powered devices that are used for Mechanical and Electrical Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedures. 

Verify voltage presence during Mechanical Lockout/Tagout using our Voltage Indicator and/or Non-contact Voltage Detector (NCVD) pen for a Task Qualified Person. 

Perform an Absence of Voltage test during Electrical Lockout/Tagout our Safe-Test Point device and your trusted portable test device, from outside the door for a Qualified Electrical worker.

GracePESDs® enhance compliance with NFPA 70E and OSHA energy isolation principles, which results in increased safety, productivity and efficiency.


ChekVolt (4)


PRESENCE and absence of voltage Indicator

The ChekVolt allows you to test absence of voltage and provides voltage presence indication; all without opening the enclosure door and in one device. 

 This touch-safe, compact PESD features voltmeter compatible test points and reduntant LED voltage presence indication rated up to 1000 VAC/DC. Easily installed through a single 30mm knockout and includes four lead wires potted in the construction, making lockout/tagout (LOTO) in even the harshest environments safer, smarter and more productive.


voltage test station

presence and absence of voltage detectors

The Voltage Test Station allows workers a safer way to verify presence of voltage and perform an absence of voltage test from outside the electrical cabinet with two separate devices. The test point jacks allow measurement of AC/DC voltages either phase-to-phase or phase-to-ground. 

This device combines our Safe-Test Point with a voltage indicator conveniently placed within a protective, lockable and environmentally rated housing. Multiple installation options available, including AC and DC options.


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safe-test point

absence of voltage Indictator

The Safe-Test Point provides an externally mounted source for qualified electricians to safely perform an absence of voltage test during with a portable test instrument for electrical lockout/tagout (LOTO).

We several configurations available, including our standard 4-wire system and a 5-wire version designed for use on wye power systems with voltage ranges up to 1000V. 


voltage indicators

absence of voltage indicators

The Voltage Indicators are self-powered and visually represent the presence of hazardous voltage with flashing or non-flashing, redundant LED lights that assist with visual troubleshooting while performing mechanical lockout/tagout tasks.  

They illuminate whenever hazardous voltage or stored energy is present in the system and detect voltage for both AC and DC applications. Multiple configurations, including Medium Voltage options, are available to meet your needs.


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Voltage Portal Image (3)

voltage portals

presence of voltage portals

The Voltage Portals allow a task qualified worker to safely and productivity perform voltage presence verification from outside a grounded electrical enclosure with a non-conduct voltage detector (NCVD) during mechanical lockout/tagout. 

The voltage source can be detected by passing existing lead wires through the portal once it is installed through a 30mm standard punch hole. 


combination units

absence and presence of voltage combinations

The combinations units include any configuration of two permantently mounted safety devices (PESD) such as a voltage indicator, voltage portal, or Safe-Test point devices.

 These combination units are designed to meet the precise needs of any application and come with a custom warning labels and are available in horizontal or flange mounts. 



Voltage Portal Image (3)


permanently mounted safety device (PESD) accessories
We offer a variety of accessories that can be used in conjunction with our Permanently Electrical Safety Devices (PESD). 
  • Door kits with 6' cables 
  • Warning safety labels 
  • Bezel mounts for a low-profile look
  • Conduit adapters
  • Din rail bracket


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