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Posted by Nick Schiltz on October 28

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On Monday, we held a live stream on our social media channels. The good thing about our live streams is that if you can't make it, we save them all for on demand viewing, which you can view all of our past broadcasts and more on our YouTube channel. EMEA Business Development Coordinator, Chris Schneck, presented our GracePort flagship product line of fully customizable panel interface connectors. This was Chris' first live stream and I hope it's not his last. It's chock-full of need-to-know info and other lesser known facts about GracePorts. Check it out below!

As Chris describes, GracePorts are panel interface connectors that we fully customize to meet your precise application. This is what sets a GracePort apart from other communication ports. We can create a custom-built GracePort, including special text, cut-outs, cable lengths, and even adding your company logo, all in just a 2-3 lead time. Assembled in the USA and created just the way you want it.

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GracePorts® relocate a panel’s communication ports from PLCs, Industrial computers and VFDs, from inside the panel to the outside so you can easily access them without exposure to any electrical hazards, while maintaining a cabinet’s UL ratings. They can be easily mounted on the door or the side panel and are 100% customizable. 

These programming ports provide safe access to PLC control panels through closed doors. With a wide array of components, we can insert virtually any connection into your unique GracePort. We also carry power options to meet the needs of our international customers. Lastly, numerous housing types are available with environmental ratings such as Type 3R, 4, 4X, & 12.


Another product Chris showcases is the GracePort+ Human Machine Interface (HMI) protective housing. The GracePort+ complements our existing line of GracePort components and GracePESDs by conveniently placing them within a large protected housing. The cover kit features a strong and rigid design, mounting securely to the outside of an enclosure and makes accessibility to electronic components easy.

The GracePort+ is designed to provide protection for HMIs from dust, dirt, oil, water, and other environmental contaminants found in the industrial setting. The standard GracePort+ HMI cover is UL Recognized and UV Rated for outdoor applications. And with that, like Chris says, please feel free to reach out to us today for more information!

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In this comprehensive Industrial Control Panel (ICP) analysis, we look back at the problem our GracePort panel interface connector was initially created to solve. Starting with historical data of ICP safety incidents, we analyze how panel interface connectors improve ICP task productivity by 90% and mitigate safety risks.

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