Don't Let Risk Spook You

Posted by Nick Schiltz on October 30

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Boo! "Find faults before they find you" is kind of a scary message but sometimes the truth can be more frightening than relieving. One of the hardest parts of doing any job is expecting the unexpected. While the implication of the messaging might be scary, you can rest assured knowing there are solutions to level your expectations.

Whether it's a mechanical breakdown or a result of human error, faults can occur all around people as they perform their daily roles. Electricians and maintenance personnel are consistently at high risk of their equipment going down or worse; injuries and fatalities resulting from electrical shocks and arc flashes.


These are the pain points we seek to relieve at Grace. That's our truth. The original idea of the GracePort was conceived when Phil Allen was confronted with a risk over twenty years ago. While most individuals understand risk and how to protect themselves, few among us seek a way to eliminate the risk altogether.


Most people can relate to driving their automobile on a daily basis. Unless you're driving a classic, you most likely are equipped with airbags or even more modern safety features like blind spot sensors and automatic braking. That's your personal protection, but furthermore, the entire system of your daily commute is governed by safety through laws and traffic signals, for example.


In our industry, we too have laws (also known as codes) and blinking lights (also known as GracePESDs). So when you show up with your personal protection equipment, the entire system you're about to operate on has a procedure with checks and balances for ultimate safety.

Burnie and Les - Using the HSM_white

Unfortunately, while the rules of the road are required by law and all vehicles come standard with turn signals, a third break light, air bags, and more; these sorts of safety accessories are not required by default in the maintenance world.

We've proved time and time again through our many case studies and eBooks (and Burnie & Les comics!) how Grace's safety products and solutions not only provide the maximum level of protection wherever they're applied, but they also increase task efficiency. And now with GraceSense, we're offering even more with predictive maintenance capabilities that will find faults before they find you (or Burnie).

Burnie and Les_Predictive maintenance vs Reactive maintenance

It's no trick; that's our spooky Halloween message. But if you're here for a treat, hit the giveaway button below and we'll see you next week!



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