10,000 ChekVolts Strong: Celebrating a Milestone in Innovation and Safety

Posted by Nick Schiltz on November 29

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10,000 ChekVolts Strong: Celebrating a Milestone in Innovation and Safety

We're excited to share a monumental achievement at Grace Technologies – the manufacturing and sale of our 10,000th ChekVolt, making it the fastest-selling new product in our company's history. This milestone isn’t just a number; it’s a testament to our relentless commitment to innovation, safety, and efficiency in workplace environments.

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A Testament to Teamwork and Excellence

Reaching this landmark is a reflection of our exceptional engineering and production teams' expertise and hard work. Their dedication was recently honored with the prestigious Manufacturing Leadership Award, recognizing our strides in driving progress in the manufacturing sector.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to our global network of sales representatives. Their efforts have been crucial in introducing the ChekVolt to diverse industries and ensuring its widespread adoption. Their skillful marketing and selling strategies have played a significant role in this success story.

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The ChekVolt Journey: From Launch to Industry Staple

Since its launch at Automation Fair 2022 in Chicago, the ChekVolt has revolutionized Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedures. Designed to test the absence of voltage and provide voltage presence indication, it has reduced LOTO procedure times by 35-40 minutes, significantly enhancing workplace safety and productivity.

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Evolving to Meet Industry Demands: Introducing New Variants

Our journey doesn’t end here. At Automation Fair 2023 in Boston, we unveiled four new ChekVolt variants that will make their debut in 2024, each tailored to meet the evolving needs of specific industries:

  1. ChekVolt® AC3: Ideal for single-phase applications across various industries, offering flexibility and adaptability.
  2. ChekVolt® DC2 & DC3: Specifically designed for the growing sectors of electric vehicle charging and solar energy, these variants cater to DC applications, with DC2 for two-wire setups and DC3 adding a ground wire.
  3. ChekVolt® 2k VDC: A game-changer for higher voltage demands in solar and electric vehicle industries, featuring 10:1 voltage divider circuitry for enhanced safety and compatibility.

View our detailed product bulletin for more information on these innovative solutions.

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Impactful Time Savings

The ChekVolt's impact extends beyond sales figures. If each of our 10,000 ChekVolts has been used at least once, the cumulative time savings in LOTO procedures are staggering. With each unit saving 35-40 minutes per procedure, we’ve collectively saved over 350,000 minutes – that’s more than 5,833 hours of enhanced productivity and safety in just ONE YEAR!

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Request a Product Sample

Interested in experiencing the ChekVolt difference? Request a sample today and see firsthand how these devices can transform your safety protocols.

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Looking Forward to More Innovations

As we celebrate this milestone, we're reminded that our journey with ChekVolt has just begun. We remain committed to serving the industry with these life-saving solutions and anticipate even greater advancements in 2024. We're incredibly proud of our team's achievements and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to safer, smarter, and more productive workplaces worldwide. Here’s to many more milestones ahead!

Stay SAFE, stay INNOVATIVE, and have a GREAT WEEK!

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