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ChekVolt ®

Voltage Presence? Chek. Voltage Absence? Chek.

Performing Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) safely requires the answer to one question; is there voltage? NFPA 70E/CSAZ462 requires an absence of voltage test to verify an electrically safe work condition. The traditional process poses arc flash and shock hazards to comply with NFPA 70E Article 120.5: Process for Establishing and Verifying an Electrically Safe Work Condition.

The ChekVolt® allows users to safely test for absence of voltage and provides voltage presence indication; all without opening the enclosure door and in one device. 

The touch-safe, compact PESD features voltmeter compatible test points and redundant LED voltage presence indication rated up to 1000 VAC/VDC. The ChekVolt® is quickly installed through a single 30mm knockout

  • Operational Voltage Range of 1000 VAC/VDC
  • Self-powered, no additional power supply required (no battery) 
  • Meets NPFA 70E, Article 120.5, step 7 (live-dead-live test)