Episode 002: Frank Hurtte, River Heights Consulting

Posted by Drew Allen on April 6

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The History of Businesses Facing Crises in the Past & What Makes COVID-19 Different

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Episode 002 Summary

Drew & Frank discuss how companies have coped in the past in the midst of crises and how the landscape of the way we do business is changing, in many cases, for good.

"It is our duty to find a solution for this Coronavirus and share it with the world." - Frank Hurtte

About Frank Hurtte 

Frank Hurtte is the Founding Partner of River Heights Consulting. He combines the battle scars of 28 years of front line "in the trenches" experience with over 13 years of service to knowledge-based distributors and their manufacturer partners.

Frank's Blog: http://thedistributorchannel.blogspot.com/

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Topics: Consulting, podcast, Factory Futurist, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Global Distribution

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