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Posted by Nick Schiltz on August 11


About GracePESDs®Voltage Portals

Grace’s voltage portals are Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESDs) that provide task-qualified personnel the ability to check for voltage presence safely and efficiently. Voltage portals are installed on the door or flange of an electrical cabinet and are typically connected on the load side of the electrical disconnect by a qualified electrician.

With a voltage portal installed, task-qualified personnel can simply perform a safer and more productive method of checking for voltage presence on AC systems from the outside of a grounded electrical enclosure using an adequately rated CAT IV Non-Contact Voltage Detector (NCVD) pen.

Voltage Portal Combination Units

The R-3K voltage portal is commonly paired with our R-3W series voltage indicators that include custom labels. With our voltage indicator and voltage portal, a task-qualified worker can visually verify the voltage presence through the LED lights in addition to testing for presence using an NCVD Pen. Voltage portal Combination Units are available to order with safety labels and NCVD pens. View voltage portals and combo configurations in our recently updated datasheet.

Discontinuing The R1-A, R-T3 & Alternative Pass-Thru Solution: R-3K

GracePESDs® previously offered up to three different types of voltage portals that you can use with your NCVD pens. In 2020, we obsoleted and discontinued the production of our R-1A and in 2021 we will be discontinuing our R-T3. You can still purchase an R-T3 portal while supplies last, however, our pass-thru R-3K will remain in inventory and serves as a suitable alternative.

SS-RT3T-SF-EN 21073

The R-T3 and R-3K portals are designed for three-phase applications but can also be configured for single phases. Additionally, the R-3K is CAT IV rated with an operational voltage range of up to 1000VAC and can be easily installed through a 30mm punch hole.

R-3K Voltage Portal Installation Options

  • Independently:
    • The R-3K can be connected directly to the source using customer-supplied wires ranging from 12-AWG to 18-AWG.
    • Pass the desired lead wires (L1, N, GND for single-phase; or L1, L2, L3 for three-phase) through the voltage portal device and terminate the wire ends using heat shrink end caps (available upon request).
  • With a Voltage Indicator Combination:
    • The R-3K can be installed using the wires from new or existing voltage indicators.
    • With the indicator installed, simply pass the existing indicator leads through the portal.
    • This combination provides a safety redundancy for voltage presence indication with flashing or non-flashing LED lights from the voltage indicator.

Use the below chart as a reference guide for which products and their associated part numbers are in stock, discontinuing, or obsolete:


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Stay SAFE and have a GREAT week!

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