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Posted by Nick Schiltz on February 27

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Our growing monthly electrical safety webinars have become a successful output of resources for people looking to expand their skill set and electrical safety knowledge. Last month alone, we achieved the milestone of having over one thousand registrants. If you haven't joined in yet, now's the perfect time to see what all the fuss is about!

You can click the image at the top to learn more about the presentation and register. All of our webinars are free to attend and each participant will receive a certificate of completion for the webinar for 0.1 CEUs.

Our new guest host for March is Charles Miller; a master electrician, business owner, author, educator, and talk show host. Here's why we're lucky to have him for our first two-part webinar series on the National Electric Code (NEC):

Charles spent eighteen years as a successful business owner and electrical contractor. Since then, he has focused his time and energy on writing and teaching to promote knowledge and proficiency among engineers, electricians, and tradespeople in the field. Throughout his career, Charles has passed more than 45 Master Electrical Exams (with a score of 93 or higher) and 7 Electrical Inspector Exams.

As an author and illustrator, he has an extensive list of electrical related publications to his credit, including some published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Miller also sits on two NFPA committees, including the committee for the NFPA 70E standard.


Thanks to your feedback last week, our Knowledge Base is expanding! Click the search bar just above to see what's new. Based on your feedback, we'll continue to expand our resources.

We're publishing new articles each Friday with the current focus on GracePort. You'll find everything you need to know on the Knowledge Base and if it's not there, we'll add it. Just let us know!

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