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Posted by Nick Schiltz on July 27

BurnieLes_EZ-UpgradeDownload Absence of Voltage Testing ArticleThe Voltage Test Station (VTS) has been making absence of voltage testing safer and more productive for years, and now a new design is available for installation. The new Knockout VTS kit ships with a detailed, magnetic installation template. Simply mount the template onto the desired location of installation and mark your knockouts. The VTS is then installed through two 30mm knockouts with the housing mounted through four bolted connections. The Knockout VTS kit also makes it possible to install a VTS on top of an existing Safe-Test Point™ or R-3W series voltage indicator with ease.

In addition to the Knockout VTS kit, we now offer an upgrade kit for panels with existing Safe-Test Points™ or R-3W voltage indicators. You can upgrade to a combination unit using our EZ-Upgrade kit which includes a detailed magnetic installation template. Simply mount the template on top of the existing voltage indicator or Safe-Test Point™ and mark the knockout location for the secondary device. The R-3W voltage indicator and Safe-Test Point™ are installed through 30mm knockouts. If desired, the EZ-Upgrade kit will also include a new combination label or protective housing.

Absence of Voltage Testing has never been safer and easier to perform with the VTS. Simply insert your metered probes into the high impedance test points and measure from line-to-line and line-to-ground to take a reading. The LED voltage indicators will illuminate when voltage is present and will also help diagnose leg loss and stuck blade scenarios.

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For more information on how this works, Regional Sales Manager, Don Sparks, has created a video to demonstrate the installation of our NEW Knockout VTS. The VTS combines our Safe-Test Point™ with a voltage indicator conveniently placed within a protective housing.

The VTS combines our Safe-Test Point™ with a voltage indicator conveniently placed within a protective housing. The VTS test point jacks allow measurement of AC/DC voltages either phase to phase or phase to ground. The R-3W Series voltage indicators with either flashing or non-flashing LEDs visually represent the presence of voltage. Following facility safety procedures, insert the insulated meter probes with .080” tips into any two test point jacks to take a voltage reading with properly rated test equipment.

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Absence of Voltage Testing is a hot topic among safety experts and electrical safety product manufacturers right now. This comes in the wake of a recent revision to NFPA 70E with Exception No. 1 of Article 120.5 (7). We have a few folks at Grace with decades of experience in this sector who have helped pull together the clearest interpretation of what Exception No. 1 means for Absence of Voltage Testing and GracePESDs. Click here to download it!
Download Absence of Voltage Testing Article

Stay safe and have a great week!

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