Happy 4-Day Weekend!

Posted by Nick Schiltz on June 28


The Fourth of July is next Tuesday which means we (and hopefully all of you reading this - otherwise... sorry!) have a four day weekend. So much time for activities! I imagine much of that time will be spent shooting fireworks from our backyards.

Haven't you heard us making all this noise from our little state in the heart of America? For the first time in decades it's legal to purchase fireworks in Iowa. Although, some people I have spoken to have said that legalizing has taken all the fun out of it. It used to be a family tradition to make the firework-refugee trip across the Wisconsin border and smuggle back an armament each year for the festivities.

That may be true, but it also sounds like people are having too much fun; I guess you could say they're having a blast! Truthfully, there certainly is a correlation between all the fireworks sales going on and the increase in emergency room visits over the past couple of weeks.

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Are fireworks legal in your state? How do you plan to spend 4th of July weekend? Be safe and have fun celebrating our nation's independence!


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We're firing rockets all over the map for the 4th of July, so hit the giveaway for your chance to win and have a great week!

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