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Posted by Nick Schiltz on June 1
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It's clear Burnie doesn't get out much. On their first trip to install a GracePort abroad, he just assumed power outlets worked the same all over the globe. Fortunately, Les knows better and so do we! No matter where you are in the world, our fully customizable GracePort has international power options for any application. Learn about the customization possibilities of our panel interface connectors distributed all across the globe!

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The GracePort was designed with the ability to incorporate any type of component necessary for communication with PLCs behind closed doors. As the panel interface connector began to hit its stride, the device was soon sought after globally. No matter where you are in the world, electricity, and programming works the same. The safety and convenience benefits offered by the GracePort are universal and this is why Grace began to offer international outlets for our international customers.

Also, because circuit breakers offer the ability to limit what devices can be run through the GracePort, we offer different amperages, which are represented by the amperage number following the power option code (Example: P-P11R2-K3RA3-UXXX). See the product part number article for more information.

Did you know that we offer quick assembly and delivery and ship each GracePort within 2-3 business days? This is what sets a GracePort apart from other communication ports. We can create a custom-built GracePort, including any components, power option, housing, and even special text, cut-outs, cable lengths, and the option of adding your own company logo. Assembled in the USA and created just the way you want it, all in just a few days.

GracePorts panel interface connectors typically mount on the exterior of Industrial Control Panels. The thru-door interface technology provides users a safer and more productive method of programming PLCs and other devices within the control panel by bringing their component connections to the outside of the panel. 

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We offer 15,000+ combinations of the GracePort and counting. They are fully customizable for your every need with a variety of components, domestic and international outlets, housing sizes, mounting options, and enclosure types. We also offer complete personalization with your own company logo or custom text. If we don't have an existing solution that meets your needs, we'll build it. Here are the key components of what makes your GracePort unique to you:

Components: Countless varieties of components are available and can also be paired together in your fully customizable GracePort for any application. Whether you need something as common as an RJ45 connector or as unique as a DVI female-to-female feed-thru bulkhead, we can design and create a GracePort that fits your precise needs.

Power Options: In over 20 years of production, we've created thousands of unique variants of the GracePort with each week presenting a new opportunity and a new GracePort configuration. Thanks to our international power options, we've shipped GracePorts all around the world. 

Housings: Several housing types are available and the size of your housing depends on several variables including the kinds of components you choose, the power option you want, and, in some cases, the UL rating you need. Housings options include UL Type 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 12, stainless steel options, large housings, and hazardous location housings.

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Check out our GracePort eBook! In this comprehensive Industrial Control Panel analysis, we look back at the problem our GracePort panel interface connector was initially created to solve. Starting with historical data of ICP safety incidents, we analyze how panel interface connectors improve ICP task productivity by 90% and mitigate safety risks.

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Stay safe and have a great week!

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