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Posted by Nick Schiltz on February 22


Ever since we become a global company and started shipping products around the world, our motto has been "Grace the World." As people, I believe we all have the capacity to do this in more ways than one. An amazing example of this came from a HUMPDAY reader at Pickering Energy Solutions in West Virginia. Keri Dunn wrote to me last week:

The team and I just returned from a solar mission trip to Africa.  We max out our luggage on the trip over with solar equipment and other various items for our Liberian team, who we’ve trained over several years to become solar installers. We get to stay in a residence that has power, so our house becomes the hang-out point for not only our team, but their families and friends. It’s an incredible time of bonding and fellowship. And we even get in some training time.


Anyway, at the last minute I threw in some of the GEP rockets to share. The first night, I ambushed them, but for the rest of the week, I was the target. They had so much fun! I thought you might enjoy a couple of pictures:


I couldn't believe they brought some of our rockets! I followed up with Keri to learn more about their initiative and she responded:

Pickering Energy Solutions works with Brothers Brother Foundation, Global Health Ministries, Partner Liberia and various other donors to support solar work in Liberia. The country currently has little to no electrical infrastructure after enduring a 20+ year civil war.  

In 2009, we began work in Bong County by providing rural health clinics with 750 watt systems in order to provide refrigeration for vaccinations, light for the delivery room and power for general clinic operations, water pumping and communications. In 2015 we began installing systems in orphanages and schools around the country.  Since the mission began in 2009, our team has installed power at 28 clinics, 3 orphanages, and two schools. We currently have materials in country for nine more clinics which will be installed over the next couple months by our team of trained individuals led by Willie Voupawoe, Head of Building and Maintenance at Phebe Hospital. He is supported by Feleku, Crawford, Jallah, Isaac, Daniel and Tembe.

Since our return from Liberia in early February, we’ve begun planning for the 2018 cycle of installations. We typically coordinate with philanthropic organizations and other potential donors, and work out a budget in the first quarter of the year. Once we finalize the plan, we’ll begin ordering, sorting, pre-assembling and bundling our materials for shipment on a container in late summer/early fall.  With any luck, our materials for the year will arrive in November/December.


Keri, thank you so much for sharing your story and helping Grace the World! If you're reading this and would like to learn more or get involved, click here and check out this video about their most recent mission (impossible) trip:



Have a great week and click below for rockets!

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