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Beyond the Buzz: What Role Can IIoT Perform for You?

Over the past decade, the promises of IIoT have been great, but we have yet to see a set of products truly rise up to meet the level of hype surrounding this space. There are good reasons for this: this stuff is hard, the technology is young, and it will take some time to perfect. But that doesn’t help you explain to management why your large IIoT expense is not yet generating any justifiable return on investment...

Fortunately, there is an area in which IIoT is starting to create industry-wide value: monitoring vibration in rotating equipment.

Article Includes:

  • A thorough analysis of the Industrial Internet of Things
  • Breakdown of the Potential-Functional Failure Curve
  • How IIoT Can Augment Your Existing Capital Assets
  • Vibration Monitoring in Rotating Equipment