Check out the latest GracePort® articles posted to our Knowledge Base

You may be familiar with our weekly HUMPDAY blog posts, which tend to be on the lighter side in terms of content. For a more technical resource on all things related to Grace Engineered Products, we've developed the Knowledge Base; a one-stop shop for FAQs, product info, videos, and more.

See the latest postings on the Knowledge Base for an in-depth look and background of our GracePorts:

  • The Origin of GracePort® — Discover the origin of the GracePort® panel interface connector made by Phil Allen over 20 years ago.
  • GracePort® Customization — In this article, learn the basics behind what we mean when we say you can completely customize your GracePort®.
  • GracePort® Stainless Steel Housings — Why our Stainless Steel Housing options might be right for your industrial setting.
  • GracePort® Inside-Outlet™ — You may wonder why we have a GFCI outlet on the inside of the GracePort®. Here's the answer.
  • Meet the GracePort® — Director of Sales, Dan Hebeisen, demonstrates the GracePort® panel interface connector from customization to features and functions.
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