Should Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) be required for each electrician working live, or should electricians be sharing their PPE?

This is one of the FAQs from our Electrical Safety Panel Discussion with John Kolak MS CSP, Charles Miller NEC Expert, & Bhanu Srilla CESP CMRP.

John Kolak: The company has to make sure that you have the equipment available to you. Typically what most companies I encounter are doing is they'll have daily wear, which is typically hazard class two; an eight calorie outfit. And then, they'll usually share the forty calorie outfit, unless they have their own version. But normally the company just has to ensure that you're wearing the right amount of PPE for the task. How they accomplish that as another matter. PPE can be shared, it's just not always recommended; especially if it's hard to get. So it's got to be available to you. But I do have several companies that will have a series of 40 calorie suits.


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