Vibration Analysis of Rolling Element Bearings: Focus on Failure Stages

Dan Ambre presents on measuring Rolling Element Bearings with vibration methods

Rolling Element Bearings include three distinct rotational events that can be measured with vibration methods. These events include the rotation of one or both raceways, the rotation of the bearing cage that separates and guides the rolling elements and the spin of the rolling elements themselves. As most Rolling Element Bearings fatigue and approach their useful life, they will typically experience five stages of failure. These failure patterns are our topic today. Learning

1. Nomenclature: Synchronous, Harmonic and Non-Synchronous Frequency Groupings
2. Identifying Bearing Defect frequencies in the velocity spectrum
3. Ultrasonic Impacting and Friction
4. Understanding the five (5) failure stages
5. Low-Speed Bearing Failure and Time Waveform analysis methods

Biography: Dan Ambre, PE, is the founder and principal engineer at Full Spectrum Diagnostics. The FSD Machinery Analysis Division specializes in Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) and Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) machinery diagnostics. Our Vibration Training and Certification Division makes use of these unique analyses by incorporating them into our course materials for a “real-life” training experience.