Q: My Ground LEDs are not lighting up, is this normal?

A: On a standard, balanced 3 phase application, the ground LEDs will not light up. If you would like to test your GND lights, you can disconnect a phase wire to simulate a phase loss. This will cause the corresponding phase light to turn off and the GND LEDs to turn on. The below scenarios will cause the GND light to come on:

  • Unbalanced Loading: having one phase higher or lower than the others will cause the GND LEDs to illuminate
  • Current on the GND: Typically from a drive backfeeding
  • Phase Loss: the corresponding phase light will go out and the GND will turn on
  • Non-3Ø Applications: Single Phase, DC, Etc will cause the GND lights to be on

The GND LEDs being on will not adversely affect the power system or the unit itself. The unit will still operate as expected for presence of voltage indication and LOTO.