Q: Do we have drawings for GracePort + Covers?

A: Yes! If all you need is the drawing for the housing with cutout, hole, and other key dimensions, see the links below. We have 2D PDF, and  2D DWG files available.

If you would like to add components to the GracePort + you definitively can, please reach out to the sales team at Sales@Grace-Eng.com and they will be happy to help you create your custom design and provide a drawing of the housing with components.


Looking for the standard GracePort line?

You can find the 20 most popular Graceports here: Top GracePort Drawings

For drawings of general GracePort housings look here: GracePort Housings

Neither of these options work? Please reach out to the sales team at Sales@Grace-Eng.com and they will be happy to help! What we can provide for you is shown in this article: Custom GracePort Drawings



H-X-YD7 HMI Cover

H-X-YA7 HDMI Cover

H-X-YC7 HMI Cover

H-X-YE7 HMI Covers