Is it considered energized work if I open the box and they're all energized THHN wires in the box, but no splices?

This is one of the FAQs from our Electrical Safety Panel Discussion with John Kolak MS CSP, Charles Miller NEC Expert, & Bhanu Srilla CESP CMRP.

Charles Miller: We have to determine if there is a shock hazard, or is there an arc flash hazard? A junction box might be a pole box with conductors in the box that aren't even spliced. There are no connections there. There's just a conductor that's going through, either straight-through or looped through. And is there a shock hazard? No. Is there an arc flash hazard? No. Even if it is a junction point and there are connections, as long as the connections, for example, smaller conductors like number 12 or number 10 wire, if they're underwire connectors, which we typically call wire nuts, then there is still is no shock hazard as long as the wire connector is in place and on the conductor.


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