Q: I would like a CAD drawing of the GracePort I configured, is one available?

A: There are three main categories for how we will deliver a drawing. We do have 15,000+ unique part numbers and counting! Please see below and reach out to your sales team for a drawing. If all you need is the dimensions of the housing, cutout, and hole spacing, visit this article to download yours now: GracePort Housing Drawings

  • For our common GracePorts, we will have a 2D and 3D PDF, a 2D DWG, and a 3D STEP file on hand.


  • If the part has been made before but we do not have it on file, we can make the above file types for that part for you. Please allow 1-2 business days for that to be made. We can supply a drawing for the empty drawing as well if that will meet your needs.


  • If it is a new part for us, we can provide the drawing for the empty housing and also a drawing of what the face plate would look like.


Reach out to the Sales Team at Sales@Grace-Eng.com, the chat located at the bottom right of your screen, or by giving us a call at 563-386-9596 to receive your drawing!