Q: What is the SCCR rating for the accessory power outlets/receptacles used with GracePorts?

A: Since GracePorts are offered with variety of power outlet options, the default SCCR ratings as defined in the UL 508A Table SB4.1 apply to the power outlet offerings.  OEMs are required to use current limiting fuses of Class CC type in the upstream to increase the SCCR rating for the accessory power outlets used in the GracePorts to match with their panel SCCR ratings.

Below is the Short Circuit Current Rating of the various receptacle outlets offered with GracePorts.


Any outlet with a Circuit Breaker: 0.2kA

Standard GFCI (RF): 2kA

Simplex (R): 10kA

Duplex (RD): 10kA

High Interrupt GFCI (RX-K10): 10kA


For information on if a GracePort needs a SCCR rating click here


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