GracePort® Inside-Outlet™

You may wonder why we have a GFCI outlet on the inside of the GracePort. Here's the answer.

This concept came about in response to a 2002 NFPA 79 mandate that required control panel utility outlets to have GFCI protection. Internal control panel utility outlets have always been the industry standard, however, utility outlets mounted externally to the enclosure need to be covered to maintain the NEMA rating when not in use. Going this far back in Grace's history is the perfect chance to showcase our original ad work for the GracePort's Inside-Outlet from 2006!


Electrical safety standards consistently spur innovation and idea generation. In the case of the GFCI test, Grace was challenged to find another way to apply a simple utility outlet within a control panel. Per the NFPA 79 code, a GFCI can only be proven effective when its TEST/RESET function is performed monthly under live power. Unfortunately, opening a control panel requires qualified personnel to don protective clothing, turning a simple 30-second test into a 30-minute task. Grace found the perfect solution for maintenance personnel to operate the GFCI test function from outside of the enclosure which is made possible by the GracePort's Inside-Outlet.


As you can see from this original ad from the early days, Grace's Inside-Outlet is unique because it has three GFCI-protected receptacles; two outside and one inside the panel. Additionally, this GFCI receptacle’s purpose provides a trouble-free step toward complying with NFPA 79, which states all externally-mounted utility receptacles must be GFCI protected and tested every 30 days. Accomplishing this directive is simple and time efficient with Inside-Outlet.

The non-GFCI outlets inside a panel can be wired through the Inside-Outlet, which is then externally mounted on the panel door. Now testing is easy and more efficient. Simply walk up to the door (sans PPE), flip the protective cover, and push the button.