Burnie & Les Get a GracePort®

Our favorite electrical safety characters order a GracePort and learn how much easier it makes their lives, as well as safer!

After many years of doing things the long, hard, and (most importantly) unsafe way, the Arc Flash Specialists, Burnie & Les finally ordered a GracePort panel interface connector. Burnie was shocked, to say the least, at what it had to offer all this time. And they'd be going without it for many years!

Burnie and Les 02-02White

Les gave Burnie only one job; to send them their company logo file, because we will print custom company logos on the face of any GracePort for maximum personalization. Somehow, bumbling Burnie managed to mess even that up. Send us your company logo when you order a GracePort, but just don't leave a guy like Burnie in charge of sending us the image file!


Les recently learned that Grace's fully customizable GracePorts provide convenient access to control panels safely through closed doors. These fully customizable communication ports make performing routine tasks, such as programming PLCs, more efficiently with thru-door safety technology.

Imagine Burnie's surprise when he went to use the GracePort for the first after years of doing it with the door open. Not only has their safety increased by keeping the panel closed, the task itself has become more efficient and quicker to perform with the addition of the GracePort. So easy, even a cartoon character can do it!


March Madness Promotion 2019: Enter our March Madness GracePort Promotion! New customers who submit their company logos will receive FREE logo printing on the face of their GracePorts for all future orders.

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Note: This applies to NEW logo submissions during the month of March only! Order must be placed by December 31, 2019. Submit logo as JPEG with recommended resolution of 600 DPI.