Adding your Company Logo to your Custom GracePort®

There's no limit to the customization and personalization of your very own GracePort

You've selected your components, power option, and housing. Now what's left is whether or not you'd like us to print your company logo on the face of your GracePort. The default is our Grace Engineered Products logo, however, for a small fee, we'll print yours. All you need to do is send us the image file. We'll take care of the rest!

We keep your logo stored in our database and it even gets its own unique part number so all your future GracePort orders can have it added as well. But it doesn't end there either. You can also specify special text to be displayed on the face of your GracePort which is helpful if you want to list specific instructions or other important information specific to your application.


March Madness Promotion 2019: It's a slam dunk deal that you don't want to miss and we're giving you the entire month of March to sign up. Starting today through the end of the month, if you submit your info by following the link below, we'll waive the fee for adding your company logo to the face of all your future customized GracePorts FOR LIFE. This promotion is valid for NEW logo submissions only.

Many customers like to personalize their custom GracePort which is why we provide the option to print your own company logo on the face plate. This comes with an additional fee, but by entering our March Madness promotion, you'll never have to pay the logo fee on your GracePort orders. Enter the March Madness promotion by clicking the image below and talk to us about your next GracePort order!

March Madness Gracpeort Promo Social Ad2