Q: Can you send me your UL Certification?

A: Due to UL Guidelines, we can not send out UL Certificates. You can find our UL files here: UL File Directory and put "Grace Engineered Products" in the company field. See the below for a breakdown of the UL Files and the corresponding parts:

NKCR.E256847 (NKCR7.E256847 for Canada): Auxiliary Devices. Applicable Product Series: R-3D2, R-3W, R-3MT

NOIV.E334957 (NOIV7.334957 for Canada): Auxiliary Devices for Use in Hazardous Locations. Applicable Product Series: R-3D2, R-3F2, R-3W2

FTTA.E488493 (FTTA7.E488493 for Canada):Environmental-rated Accessories for Enclosures. Applicable Product Series: GracePort Plus

NITW2.E207344 (NITW8.E207344 for Canada): Industrial Control Panels - Component. Applicable Product Series: GracePorts

PICQ.E311256 (PICQ7.E311256 for Canada): Measuring, Testing and Signal-generation Equipment. Applicable Product Series: R-1A, R-T3, R-3D2, R-3W2, R-3F2, R-3MT

PICQ2.E311256 (PICQ8.E311256 for Canada): Measuring, Testing and Signal-generation Equipment - Component. Applicable Product Series: G-HSM