NFPA 70B: Why Electrical Preventive Maintenance Programs are Critical for Safety

Electrical maintenance is increasingly becoming a big part of electrical safety in minimizing the risk of electrical arc-flash hazards at workplace. This webinar will focus on the preventive maintenance topics to cover the importance of OSHA CFRs, NFPA 70E & 70B standard references and guidelines.

The session will also include current technologies and future trends in predictive maintenance tools to monitor electrical loose connections and temperature rise followed by an interactive Q&A section.

Speakers: John J. Kolak & Bhanu Srilla
Learning Objectives:
-Why EPMs are critical for electrical safety
-Things to consider in developing an effective EPM
-OSHA, NFPA 70E & 70B standards reference in maintenance programs
-Loose connections and Temperature rise in electrical equipment
-Overview of current technologies and future trends in PdM tools