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Maintenance Hub Walkthrough & Demonstration


The Maintenance Hub enables users to interface with their Predictive Maintenance System. This browser-based interface translates sensor data from field-mount and panel-mount nodes and displays the health conditions of critical assets. When potential failures in monitored equipment are detected the system will determine what is wrong and immediately alert personnel to the impending problem.

With the entire power of the Predictive Maintenance System at your fingertips, users can view real-time system information, generate reports, and configure alerts that are distributed via email and/ or SMS. Our fully customizable alert capabilities within the Maintenance Hub allow users to create preconfigured alerts with actionable step-by-step remediation instructions, pictures of monitored equipment, and recommended tooling for repair. Alerts can be distributed to specific maintenance personnel depending on their work schedule and familiarity with the monitored equipment.

GraceSense™ Vibration & Temperature Nodes and gateway configurations (CloudGate™ and ComboGate™) can all be configured and brought online within the Maintenance Hub. An open API allows configurations, data, and alerts to be shared with existing systems (i.e. CMMS, SCADA, DCS) and the Hub has some other unique capabilities such as an on-premise audit tool and the ability to set multiple alert levels per channel.