Is the thought of Power Transformer failure keeping you up at night?

This webinar discusses electrical equipment maintenance strategies and compares pros and cons for each maintenance strategy.

Power outages are a leading cause of business interruption and productivity losses in industrial and commercial facilities. A common factor in determining the reliability and uptime of an electrical system is the condition and the availability of the power distribution equipment. Transformers are at the core of the power distribution equipment and a potential fault condition or a failure at the transformer can lead to a catastrophic shutdown that could take down the entire facility. Since most maintenance strategies are put in place on the low level of the equipment that contributes directly to the productivity metrics, maintenance of the transformers are often times overlooked considering they show no physical signs of failure or wear and tear.

This session will discuss the electrical equipment maintenance strategies and compares pros and cons of the preventive, predictive and reliability centered maintenance programs. Specific focus will be drawn into transformer failures, maintenance requirements to address them, and the effect of overcurrent protection and its impact on arc flash hazards.

Learning objectives:

  • Overview of electrical equipment maintenance strategies
  • Typical failure points in oil-filled and dry type transformers
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting transformer failures
  • Overcurrent protection & its impact on arc flash hazards

Speakers: Bhanu Srilla & John Kolak, CSP