Q: What’s the difference between the Voltage Indicator offerings?

A: See differentiating factors between the Voltage Indicators below.

R-3W – Most common with flashing LEDs

R-3W-SR – Same as the R-3W but with solid red/non-flashing LEDs

R-3W2 – Blue face voltage indicator for hazardous locations

R-3F2 – Fiber optic voltage indicator, for hazardous locations and where dead-front (no voltage) panels are needed

R-3D2 – Flex mount for motor disconnects. Mounts in M20 or 3/4" knockouts. For use in hazardous locations

R-1V – Medium voltage indicator, used where voltages are between 2kV and 43kV

If you need helping selecting the correct Voltage Indicator for your application, reach out to sales@gracetechnologies.com for assistance!