Electrical Safety in Substations

This webinar focuses on the electrical safety requirements in various types of substations.

Substations are a key part of an electrical power system. Though widely recognized for their importance in power generation, transmission, and distribution in utility systems; substations are still a major component in industrial infrastructure and commercial facilities. Substations perform many critical functions such as voltage transformation, switching, surge protection, and power quality enhancement.

Qualified electrical workers in substations are exposed to higher incident energy and electrical hazards as they come in contact with operation and maintenance of high and medium voltage transformers, switchgear, capacitors etc. This webinar will focus on the electrical safety in substations to include the following topics:

  1. Various types of substations
  2. Substation equipment
  3. Substation switching & Lockout/Tagout
  4. Overcurrent protection in substations
  5. Personal Protective Grounding

Additional topics of discussion will include monitoring loose connections of electrical busbars and switchgear with the use GraceSense™ Hot Spot Monitor.

Speakers: John Kolak, CSP & Bhanu Srilla