An Introduction to Vibration Analysis | Part 2/3


Basics of Vibration Analysis includes: Amplitude (How Much), Frequency (How Often), and Phase (a measure of Relative Motion). Part 2 will focus on Amplitude. Amplitude is a Severity parameter that can be defined as Displacement, Velocity, or Acceleration. A basic vibration trending program will be designed to better understand energy levels, and even more importantly, changes in those levels that might signal an impending problem in the machine.

We will discuss transducer selection, the recommended severity parameter(s) and what it important concerning basic “overall” vibration amplitude trending and analysis. We will touch on statistical analysis of overall vibration data and overall ultrasonic data trends.

About our Presenter: Dan Ambre, PE, is the founder and principal engineer at Full Spectrum Diagnostics. The FSD Machinery Analysis Division specializes in Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) and Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) machinery diagnostics. Their Vibration Training and Certification Division makes use of these unique analyses by incorporating them into our course materials for a “real-life” training experience.