An Introduction to Vibration Analysis | Part 1


Vibration analysis starts with defining a series of potential faults. The series of faults are then logically sorted in a way that the analyst can eliminate unlikely faults from the pool. We eliminate faults with Confirming Evidence and/or Refuting Evidence.

The Vibration Fault Periodic Table™ “Structure” and “Method” is defined in our first topic.

The Vibration Fault Periodic Table™ includes 35 faults found in rotating machinery applications. These faults are logically sorted and grouped with respect to Dominant Frequency Content, Dominant Directional Response, and finally will lead to a Diagnostic Recommendation that helps us “zero-in” on the root cause.

Along with the Vibration Fault Periodic Table™, this session will touch on Transducers that are used to measure vibration signatures, common nomenclature, detection capabilities and trending data.