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1000V Absence of Voltage Safe-Test Point


What makes the 1000V Safe-Test Point different from the existing Safe-Test Point (R-3MT)?

Operational Voltage Range of 1000 VAC/VDC

  • UL type enhancement of 4/4X in addition to UL type 12, & 13
  • 14 AWG leads that will make it easier for UL 508A feeder tap requirement connections

How does it make absence of voltage testing safer and more productive? 

  • Enables a qualified worker to test for absence of voltage from outside the electrical cabinet door through high impedance protected test point jacks
  • Meets NFPA 70E, Article 120.5, Step 7 (live-dead-live test)
  • Self-powered, no additional power supply required (no need for a battery)

Potential industry applications for 1000V Safe-Test Point include:

  • Railroad & Locomotive -Electric Vehicle Manufacturers (Tesla, Lucid, etc.)
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • UPS Applications in Data Centers
  • Commercial EVSE equipment (superchargers)
  • AC/DC Inverters