Q: Why would I want to add another CloudGate to my system?

A: There are a few reasons to add another CloudGate to your system. As the footprint of the GraceSense IIOT architecture increases, additional CloudGates that are strategically placed will be beneficial. This would ensure that you have a strong connection from one end to the other.

The network is self-healing as well to where if a node loses connection with a CloudGate or the CloudGate dies, the node will attempt to find a new CG to connect to. This will allow the cloud to continue to get pertinent data while the CG is reconnected.

Vibration and Temperature Nodes are able to connect to the CloudGate in a 30 M line of site range. Adding additional CloudGates will be beneficial for connection to nodes if a line of site is broken by a wall or machinery. Certain locations may have wireless connectivity properties; this could be affected by the geometry of the room or materials composing the rooms construction.

Please reach to Sales@Grace-Eng.com if you have any questions regarding connectivity concerns.