Q: What Application Interfaces are available and how many can I have?

A: We allow two Application Interfaces per node or CloudGate. If you are just using your CloudGate as a Gateway to bring in Wireless Communication from your other nodes, you don't have to have any of the below Application Interfaces. If you would like to add sensing, you can use one card or any combination of two cards from below:

AA: (2) 10kΩ inputs (thermistor) and (5) 0-10V DC Inputs

AB: (5) 4-20mA Inputs

AC: (4) 3-Wire RTD's

AD: (3) 4-Wire RTD's

AE: (6) Thermocouples

AF: (2) Triaxial Accelerometers

AG: (6) Single Axis Accelerometers

DA: (1) I2C Port, (1) RS485 Port, (1) SPI Port

Let us know if your sensor type is not shown here!