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Free cloud services for one year with GraceSense Predictive Maintenance

[Estimated Value: $1,100]


Are you actively looking for a solution that can maximize the uptime of your critical assets? Would you benefit from a system that can both continuously monitor failure indicators (like temperature, pressure, vibration, etc.) and alert maintenance staff to potential problems before your equipment fails?

Look no further. Grace is currently offering new customers one free year of Cloud Services with the purchase of GraceSense Predictive Monitoring hardware. This Predictive Monitoring System consists of:

  • Wireless sensing hardware that can capture data from almost any sensor
  • WiFi or LTE connectivity to our Azure-hosted cloud services
  • Web-based access to both current and historical data
  • Web-based control over fully configurable alarms and alerts - delivered via both email and SMS
  • Coming soon!!! - Tight integration with your existing PLC/SCADA/DCS over Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, or any other industrial protocol.







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