The Odd Couple

Posted by Nick Schiltz on July 6


The Odd Couple (1968) is about two friends trying to share an apartment, but their ideas of housekeeping and lifestyles are as different as night and day. It is also the story of my life in college. My friends nicknamed me and my roommate "The Odd Couple" as I was the neat freak, while my roommate was just... not. His version of doing laundry, for example, was spraying his clothes with Febreze. If that doesn't paint the picture, I don't know what does...

I'm not sure if it's a blessing or a curse. I just can't sit in a mess comfortably (blessing) because it starts to give me anxiety (curse). I often get commended for starting the dishes immediately after dinner and I always say the same thing, "I can't not do this." I can only relax and enjoy the conversation once everything has been put away.

Now if only I could apply that to my laundry and yardwork, as I regularly let those things pile up until the point of no return. I guess I have a little Oscar in me after all! This all reminds me of the Procrastination Monkey TED Talk. If you have the monkey, you know exactly what it is. If not, I envy you!

I guess you could surmise that Burnie & Les are Grace's version of Oscar & Felix. For years, we've depicted these guys as a very odd couple, with Les tending to be the more responsible one, while Burnie needs a little direction to say the least. This comic reminded me so much of that old movie and my memories of sharing an apartment in college. We've got you covered, Burnie!


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