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Posted by Grace Marketing on May 13

Happy Humpday everyone! Mornings can be hectic trying to get yourself ready, get the kids ready, run errands, drop people off, etc. and get to work on time. Well, this morning, while getting ready, I was on Facebook and one of our local news stations posted a video of "what happens before they go on the air". You can watch it here! They are having a blast dancing around and what a great way to get energized and have a little fun in the morning! Maybe this is something we should start at Grace?? Does your company do anything to get everyone pumped up in the morning?

As a huge fan of the show "Friends", I think about the episode with the guy that lived across from what was Joey and Chandler's apartment, but Rachel and Monica lost a bet and had to live there for a while, and he would sing the morning song. Rachel did not like waking up to him singing but Joey loved it. If you haven't seen this episode, watch it below! Not sure if I could wake up to that every morning, but it is a catchy tune!


Electrical Safety Month

As you know from last week it is Electrical Safety Month and we are giving away an awesome Safety Kit! If you have not signed up to win 1 of 4 Safety Kits, make sure you get r3w500signed up! In the Safety Kit we are including the R-3W-SR. SafeSide® thru-door voltage indicators provide electrical safety information while the panel doors are safely closed. This “one-size-fits-all” solution detects 3-phase AC or DC voltage from 40-750VAC/30-1000VDC. The encapsulated construction and redundant circuit design means rugged reliability. SafeSide® products are available with flashing LEDs (R-3W) and non-flashing LEDs (R-3W-SR). Keeping personnel away from live voltage is foundational to electrical safety. Electrical safety demands a precise answer to the question 'Is voltage present?'. Thru-door voltage indicators provide visibility of voltage from outside the enclosure without exposing personnel to voltage. To learn more about the R-3W-SR, visit our web page here! Stay safe!!



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