Tax Day

Posted by Grace Marketing on April 15

Tax Day...when you hear the date April 15th, even if you are talking about a completely different subject, do you automatically think of taxes and cringe? Or do you get excited, dreaming about what you will buy with your refund? There are people that get their taxes done as soon as possible and then there are people that wait until the very last minute. Either way, it seems that most people stress out about getting their taxes done. And then there are all the accountants that are stressed out trying to get everything done by today's deadline. So after what is probably one of the most stressful days of the year, we have National Stress Awareness Day, April 16th.....coincidence?? Well if you are stressed, take a deep breath, go to your happy place and enjoy!

There are many places that offer Tax Day freebies or discounts, here is our list. What a nice way to help with the stress! :)




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