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Growing up, most of us have probably experienced moments of tormenting our siblings or were on the receiving end on that scenario. Saying "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you", as you put your finger just far enough away from their face to be exceptionally annoying. Maybe you were contending over who got the bigger half of a cookie. Whatever your participation level was in sibling rivalry, we think you'll enjoy these sibling comments from our friend Google!

  • My brother pinned me down and did the spit thing where he would let it almost touch my face but then just slurp it back up...
  • We were young, maybe 6 (me) and 8(him). We had gone to NYC for the day and when we got home, he was on the phone telling our grandmother all about it. I was jealous and wanted to talk to, and he would not let me. I punched him in the face, he started screaming and dropped the phone. I picked it up and started talking to my gram as if nothing had happened. I was a bad little sister.
  • When I was about 8 and my brother was in high school, I, being the total little brat that I was, started getting Oreos from the cookie jar, opening them, eating the cream, and putting the cookies back together, sans cream. My brother got some of these "custom" cookies in his lunch one day. Yeah, he was not happy and threatened to flush my favorite teddy bear down the toilet.
  • Sister was drinking a vanilla milkshake at a fast food joint. Saw they had mayo packets right next to the straws and instantly an idea formed. Carefully sucked the mayo into the straw so the entire straw was now filled with the stuff. When she wasn't looking I swapped the two straws. She ended up vomiting all over the floor. Still one of the better pranks I have ever pulled.
  • I filled a weather balloon with fine glitter in my sisters closet. It was to big to get out of the door so her only option was to pop it. Every single article of clothing she owned was coated in glitter for over a month


We hope you got a laugh or two out of the sibling satire. Please share your stories in the comments section!


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Hope you all have a great week!


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