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Posted by Grace Marketing on March 4

puppy white goldToday, we start our 7th year of doing HumpDay! Our first HumpDay email went out on this day in 2009, and what a journey it has been! We are going to do a special giveaway in honor of our anniversary today, so, be sure to check out the giveaway section!

I know we are about a week behind everyone else, but I'm going to talk about The Dress. This dress color thing has blown my mind! My husband and I looked at the same picture on the same monitor; he saw black and blue and I saw white and gold. Then, throughout the day, the same image started looking black and blue to me. Then it switched back to white and gold. Then back to black and blue. And now it is white and gold again. Sweet Mary, WHAT COLOR IS THIS DRESS?!?!?


**begin overly dramatic rant**

I don't know what color it is!!! Head spinning...mind blown.

Nothing make sense. Is up up? Where is down?

What does this mean? Can we be certain of anything anymore?

Is the earth still spinning? Is the sun still the center of the universe?

Calgon...take me away!!!!

**end overly dramatic rant**

As you long-time readers of HumpDay know, I like to poke a little fun every now and again at Engineers. It's time the tables were turned. One of our new hires here at Grace sent this video around. **sigh** I'm a little embarrassed to admit it took me about 3 minutes before I realized they were making fun of us non-engineers. Now, I feel a little bad for our engineer friends. Is this what it feels like when you are around non-engineer types?

"We need you to draw seven red lines, all of them strictly perpendicular, some with green ink and some with transparent. Can you do that?" I just want to say that when you consider this task in the context of The Dress, I think it can be done! Color means nothing anymore, it seems. And as for "perpendicularity"? I don't even think should be a word! It's like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I think it's just made up.

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