The White Stuff

Posted by Grace Marketing on February 25

Every now and again, I love to get a song stuck in your heads. Today, in honor of the pending snow storm, I give you The White Stuff by Weird Al Yankovic!

As we prepare for the white stuff Mother Nature is getting ready to dump on us, I'm thinking some white stuff between some yummy chocolate cookies are in order! One of my favorite things to do when there is a snow storm is to get some of my favorite comfort foods and hunker down for a spell and enjoy the watching the snow fall. I found some snowed-in comfort food ideas that I thought I would share with you! Let me know which ones top your list!

Gorgonzola Lasagne with West Country Beef Gorgonzola Lasagne with West Country Beef








FN_toad-in-the-hole_s4x3_lg Toad-in-the-Hole








Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas








potatoes Cheesy Jacket Potatoes








To be culinarily inspired, check out the rest of these Snowy Day Recipes by clicking here. Let me know if you make any of them! That Toad-in-the-Hole looks interesting...I just may have to try that!

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