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Posted by Nick Schiltz on April 13

Fans of The Walking Dead (and tormentous big brothers) epically pranked their younger sister after her wisdom teeth surgery. Dazed and confused, however, she seems like the most level headed person being confronted with the zombie apocalypse. She still asks the important questions: "We have guns! Why are you putting garden equipment in the car?!" Thank god that's the uprising the Founding Fathers had in mind for when they included the 2nd Amendment.

As this post may have frightened some readers to the core (assuming they, too, just had their wisdom teeth pulled), I'll now present to you the top three reasons that, unlike the Robopocalypse we discussed a few weeks ago, a zombie epidemic is likely never to occur. Feel free to offer your theories in the comment section below.

  1. If it only spreads by biting and/or scratching (like rabies), with how fast information travels today people would be well informed and prepared long before it got to the point of a serious epidemic. Highly unlikely to get out of hand, but let's assume it does and move on to scenario 2.
  2. Muscles are how we move and the way they work relies on blood flow. Are the zombies' hearts still beating? Why don't they seem to die from blood loss? Assuming the virus or infection throws the basic concepts of human anatomy out the window, drastic steps may need to be taken.
  3. If all else fails, we accelerate our AI programs to create robots who can fight the battles we cannot win. They eventually overcome our undead adversaries in fierce robot vs. zombie combat. However, the robots would later realize the error in man's ways and recognize our organic flaws as a species. Logically, they proceed to wipe out our population to prevent any future possibility of another outbreak. Wait a minuteI just had a great idea for a movie franchise...

Of course, if all logic goes awry, don't forget; you gotta shoot 'em in the head!


In this video case study from Littelfuse Inc., see how this industrial plant was fortunate with their timing by installing an arc flash relay just one week before experiencing an arc-flash incident. Fortunately, the arc flash relay protected them from catastrophic damage and many weeks of downtime. Instead, they were up and running in less than 24 hours.


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