Happy New Year

Posted by Nick Schiltz on December 30

While 2015 was the year of Back to the Future II and the Hoverboard, we didn't quite get everything we were promised. Technically, we got Hoverboards, but technically, they don't hover. Unless a friend or relative got you one for Christmas, I suggest you wait a few more years; your tailbone is fine just the way it is. Behold, mankind's achievements of 2015:

This got me thinking, what should we expect from 2016 that may be a total let down? Well, it is an election year... I, for one, gladly welcome any candidate to the White House with a board game named after them.


This isn't a stock photo from the Internet, unfortunately. My mom dug this out of storage, wrapped it, and placed it under the Christmas tree bearing the inscription, "Forced Family Fun". Trump the Game is from 1989, and every year for as long as I can remember she's wanted to play this game with the family. My brother and I have always adamantly refused, but this year couldn't be more appropriate so we begrudgingly accepted the Trump challenge.

The name of the game is: "It's not whether you win or lose, but whether you win!", which is also his campaign slogan, I believe. When the dust settled, mom won with over a billion Trump bucks in cash and assets. My American Dream was crushed when I came in dead last, just shy of becoming a billionaire...

Hopefully, he models his policy after the rule book, where players are citizens and the game is his presidency. So rule number four, at the beginning of the game, each player gets 5 Trump cards and $400 million in cash from the bank. Trust me, the Trump cards will come in handy later when we're all bidding on casinos, hotels, cruise lines, and my personal favorite, Tropical Island. Let's make America great again!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions of Donald J. Trump, and/or his affiliates, expressed in this blog are those of satirical nature and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the author or Grace Engineered Products, Inc.


I hope you all have a great New Year's Eve & Day, and please be safe! My parents always say, "Nothing good ever happens after midnight!" Clearly, they didn't go to the midnight showing of Star Wars a couple weeks ago...

What are you most looking forward to this year? Any good resolutions?? Sound off in the comment section below. We'll see you next year!

Have a great week and a happy New Year!

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