HumpDay Questions

Happy HumpDay!  I trust you all are having a great week!  As of today there are only 14 more shopping and/or crafting days left before Christmas!  I say crafting because in the last couple of years I have tried to make gifts for people because I think it is so much more meaningful, however I have not always succeeded.  It is my heart’s desire to crochet beautiful afghans, knit snugly blankets, cook delicious food, or cross-stitch meaningful wall coverings, but my desire is greater thankeep-calm-its-14-days-until-christmas my free time.  So, whether you are making or buying your gifts this year, keep in mind that you have only 14 more days!

Several weeks ago in the giveaway section, instead of asking you guys a question, I suggested you all ask us a question and we would respond to it.  I am pretty sure we got to about 98% of the questions.  I thought I would share what some of you asked and my response to them.  Hope you enjoy!

Q:  How often do you travel a year?
A: I travel about 6 times a year, but only a couple of those are trade shows.  Usually it is conferences or business meetings.

Q:  What is the best turkey you have ever made for Thanksgiving?
A:  Best. Receipe. Ever. 

Q:  How much do you spend on the [HumpDay] goodies each week? Also how much on the postage?
A:  We spend about $400 total for the goodies and the postage!

Q:  What do you enjoy most about your job at Grace? What motivates you to get up in the morning and report for work?
A:  The short answer is 1) what we do matters.  We make products that help improve safety and that means something.  2) I work with great people who care about what we do and each other. 3) I work for a man who thrives on innovation and encourages the creative ideas we come up with and that makes work enjoyable.

Q:  Does humanity stand a chance against a zombie apocalypse??? 
A:  OMG!  I don’t know, but I wonder the same thing!!!  I often think about how I would defend myself if there was a zombie apocalypse.

Q:  Where are my car keys?
A:  I’d say probably with your house keys.

Q:  So a few months ago, you guys asked us as to what give aways we would like. Have you giving away anything that was suggested?
A:  We sure have!  We have done (or are about to give) certain candy people have suggested as well as gift cards!  

Q:  How do you come up with ideas for HumpDay each week?
A:  The short answer is I just do what speaks to me.  Some weeks it’s easy and others it’s a struggle.  There are times when I am really struggling and I walk around to the rest of Team Grace and ask them for ideas, so we really do have a collaborative effort on HumpDay.

Q:  What is the biggest obstacle you face to bring a project to a successful conclusion?
A:  I would have to say communication is key.  When we don’t communicate well, expectations can’t be managed and then things go awry.  We are most successful when we communicate effectively because we can work as a more cohesive team.

Q:  What is one book you think has a great message in life as well as career life?
A:   I am a student of body language and I think learning about nonverbal communication has helped me both professionally and personally.  Being able to read the subtle differences in facial expressions and micro expressions is a huge advantage when it comes to business meetings.  This is my favorite book on the subject.

Q:  How may products do you ship each week? An average will do. Do they all ship from one location?any questions
A:  Our products all ship from our Iowa location and we ship approximately 700-800 a week.

Q:  What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?
A:  Okay, you asked, here’s my opinion.  The answer to life, the universe, and everything is Jesus.  He is the beginning and the end, and having a personal relationship with the Savior is the answer to all of life’s challenges.

Q:  Are you coming out with any new products?
A:   The short answer is yes.  We have a new products in the pipe that we expect to launch first and second quarter of 2015.  Keep reading HumpDay for the latest regarding new products. Here’s something you may not know.  We want more ideas.  We want to be the company that people come to with their ideas for improving electrical safety, so if you ever have an idea, email your ideas at  We will talk about it and put it through our product launch process and if it makes it through, we will move forward with bring ideas to the market.

Incorrect Temperature Measurements

Infrared (IR) windows save lives. Most Thermographers today are thankful to perform their scans without the danger and time of removing heavy panels. But just as the thermal imager is a tool – so is the IR Window. And as with any tool, it must be used correctly to get the desired results. Standardization is the key to getting repeatable results and accurate measurements. Many applications that benefit from infrared analysis do not require exact temperature measurements. For instance: Using thermography to conduct insulation surveys on building envelopes does not require concise temperature data; neither does locating a loose fuse clip. But when temperature is used as a criticality for major repairs (shut down required), it is imperative that your data is accurate.

Windows-Ad_HumpdayDo you know your IR Windows Transmissivity rate? Perhaps a better question is: Have you calculated your IR windows transmission with your camera? Though I had never measured, I “knew” my windows transmitted near 95%. That is what the salesman had said and, it’s how it had always been done. This assumption likely put workers at risk and cost my customer money. This paper is comprised of my official report, the actions taken, and subsequent changes in plant policy to amend any missed opportunities. It is intended to educate thermographers and those whom they support on the importance of accurate temperature measurement through IR Viewing Windows.  Click here to read more and download the full whitepaper Incorrect Temperature Measurements: The Importance of Transmissivity and Infrared Windows.