Awkward Moments

We’ve all had them.  Those awkward moments that make time stand still.  Mine – well, one of mine! – was when I was in junior high.  I desperately wanted to fit in and all the “cool” girls used to go into the bathroom, wet toilet paper in the sink and then throw it up onto the ceiling so it would stick.  I never did it before this day and I never did it after this day, either.  You’ll soon learn why.

I came into the bathroom set aside for the junior high school girls, grabbed a big gob of toilet paper and dampened it in the sink.  Then I announce oh-so boldly, “Hey, you guys, look at this big wad!” As I tossed it way up into the air as hard as I could.  I stood there for a moment admiring my handy work.  It really was a big piece up there…the biggest of all the others.  I must have looked like a pro.  I turned around to get my kudos from all the toilet paper wadpopular girls, who were extremely quiet for some reason.  Clearly, they were in awe of my ability, this being my first time and all.  As I turned with a big grin on my face I see standing there Mrs. Rhodes, one of the sixth grade teachers.  Yeah, awkward to say the least!  Awkward and painful!  I had to go to the principal’s office for that and I’m sure I got detention, too, but I can’t remember.  I was so embarrassed.  I tried to be cool, but I failed miserably!  The really awkward moment was being returned to class after that and everyone staring at me wondering how much trouble I got into!  Oy!  I can still feel the humiliation!  LOL….

Here are some other awkward moments.  Maybe you can relate!










awkward fail







awkward brad pit









voicemail awkward







awkward what








teen awkward







queen awkward







awkward times two








awkard truth






Am I the only one who can relate to some of these??  I hope they made you smile and they brightened your day!  Now, on to the business stuff!  I wanted to share with you guys a little from our new website about our Combo Units.  You can CLICK HERE to see the various options, but they all include voltage indicators and voltage portals.  These are great to incorporate in your lock-out/tag-out procedures because they increase employee productivity and compliance to NFPA 70E / CSA Z462.

If you have any questions about the Combo Units, give Inside Sales a call at 800.280.9517.