Root Canal

So, I’ve got to have a root canal.  Tomorrow morning.  8AM.  :|.  I’ve never had a root canal and I’m kind of a baby when it comes to pain, so I’m not looking forward to it (not that anyone actually looks forward to it).

Recently I started watching the TV show The West Wing on Netflix and I just last week I saw the episode where CJ gets her root canal!  So, this image is going through my head as the dentist tells me what is in store.  I hope you enjoy!

Now, I beg of you, if you have had a horrible experience with a root canal, please don’t tell me until after tomorrow.  I’m already thinking worst case scenario stuff and I really don’t want my fears confirmed.  But, if you have an awesome story to share about a root canal, by all means.  Comment away.  Until next week, please remember to…

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E5: Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch
Keep Panel Doors Closed and Save Panel Space

The GracePort® Unmanaged Ethernet Switch gives you more reasons to keep your control panel door closed and limit exposure to voltage. Under NFPA 70E, opening control panel doors is a time consuming process. Combining safety, productivity, and cost savings into one thru-door package offer you these benefits:

– Interior status LEDs (port P2 – P5) duplicated on front for thru-door diagnostics.

– Program multiple devices safely from outside the panel.

– Reduced cost due to panel space savings.

– Convenient external RESET and Power LED indication.

– Required external power supply: 24VDC only

– Available in UL Type 12/4/4X configurations to maintain enclosure rating.

– Designed to fit the Inside-Outlet® GFCI for NFPA 79 Compliance.

– Provisions available for other outlets types and interfaces to meet all your needs.

– Robust design: (0-60?C) with an MTBF 938,570 hours.

Unmanaged Ethernet switches provide simple communication between Ethernet devices. With diagnostics limited to the LEDs, you must be able to see the LEDs to diagnose communication problems. Our dual ‘inside-out’ LED design allows you to see the status of each port from the inside and outside the panel.

For more information please visit our website by clicking here.  Contact Inside Sales at 800.280.9517 for part number configurations.

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